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NCRL Webmaster - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The North Central Regional Library, headquartered in Wenatchee, is heading back to Federal Court on October 25, 2011 for oral argument on summary judgment motions in light of the ruling in favor of the library by the Washington State Supreme Court.

The 5 county rural library district is defending itself in a case brought against it by the Seattle based ACLU.   The library’s 28 branches use an internet filter to meet federal requirements and make collection decisions about internet content.   The library filters the internet narrowly including pornography and gambling categories. The library uses the filter as a first line of defense in controlling illegal internet activity.   The ACLU wants the library to remove the filter.

According to Dean Marney, Director, “If we take the filter off there is nothing between us and someone who wants to use a library computer to access child pornography or other illegal and inappropriate material.   We are a publicly funded institution.   Our mission is to promote reading and lifelong learning.  It is crazy to think that we should be required to use tax dollars to allow open access to internet pornography or to become illegal casinos.  Removing the filter is unfair to the people who support our community libraries, jeopardizes the safety of kids, and creates a hostile environment for our patrons and employees.”

The North Central Regional Library district is the largest library district in the state serving Chelan, Douglas, Ferry, Grant, and Okanogan counties.  


Dean Marney, Director
509-663-1117 x121

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