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Four Doorways to Reading

Paula Walters - Monday, June 04, 2012

Works of fiction and narrative non fiction are broadly made up of four experimental elements:

story, character, setting and language.

These are the doorways to the book. As a reader we will often choose, and enjoy the book, because of the doorway.

A book that intrigues the reader because of the story is one that is a page turner, a book that you cannot put down because you want to know what happens next.

A book with character as the doorway is a book in which the reader feels so connected to the character, that when you have finished the book you feel like you have lost a good friend.

When setting is the doorway the reader feels like they have actually been there or would like to travel there.

When language is the major doorway the reader tends to read slower and savor the language, often the books are very poetic.

Each of you most likely knows what kind of a reader you are. I definitely fall into the character category. I love many of the characters I have met throughout my many years of reading, and yes it is often sad when I close the book for the last time.

My next favorite would be setting. I love books that take place in the Pacific Northwest, especially Seattle since I was born and raised in Seattle. I loved Broken for You, by Stephanie Kallos. I grew up in the north end of Seattle, and she even mentioned the Greenwood District and the bowling alley where we used to bowl when I was young. That made the book a fun read. I also love books that take place in Maine, and South Carolina both places I have never been.

Some books I enjoy just because of the character and some because of the character and setting.

Last weekend I read The Cottage at Glass Beach. As I mentioned before Heather Barbieri will be at the Wenatchee Public Library on Thursday June 28th at 7 p.m.

I enjoyed the book. It was a great summer read. This book filled two of the doorways for me. Most important character, I bonded immediately with Nora Cunningham, and she was my new best friend for the entire weekend. I also enjoyed the setting, an island off Maine in the summer. One day I will vacation in Maine!!

Book club does  have copies of this book which I have sent over to WPL. There is a display on the circ desk where you will find the books. Copies of The Lace Makers of Glenmara, will be sent over soon.

Hope to see you at the program!!  Also I would love to hear from you.  What kind of a reader are you? What books have you read and enjoyed in the past few months?

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