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Far from Here

Paula Walters - Thursday, March 01, 2012

I just recently read Far from Here by Nicole Baart.  It was one of those books that after I finished reading I kept thinking about.  When a book affects me like this one did I have to say it is a great book.


Danica Greene married her high school sweetheart.  Etsell was the boy of her dreams and they had a wonderful marriage, despite the fact that he was a pilot and she hated flying.  He owned a small plane and gave flying lessons.  Without consulting Danica,  Etsell decided to help out a pilot friend and take a job in Alaska.  It was only for three weeks.   Danica was not happy but knew she could not stand in his way.  On his last flight before he returned home the plane vanished shortly after takeoff.  Etsell did not register a flight plan and the search team cannot find the plane. 


Despite her fear of flying Danica gets on a plane and flies to Seward Alaska.  While there she finds out that Etsell might not have been alone when he went missing.  A woman is also missing. 


This book deals with a wife whose husband is missing.  She does not know if she is a widow or an abandoned wife.  Danica thinks back over her marriage and the reader learns a lot about her past good and bad.


There are a lot of colorful characters. Her mother and two older sisters are not the best choices to help her overcome her grief but they do their best.  The author did an excellent job of letting the readers know the many feelings a person has in a situation where you do not know what has happened to someone you love.  This would be a good book for book clubs, lots of discussion.


I am now rereading David Copperfield. The first time I read it my oldest son was six months old.  It was summer and we had just bought our first home in Seattle.  We had a wonderful backyard with beautiful gardens.  My baby and I spent many hours outside.  He playing in his playpen and me reading.  For years I would tell friends that this was my favorite book.  I decided I should reread to see if I still like it and yes I do!!

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