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The Light Between Oceans

Paula Walters - Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"The Light Between Oceans" by M.L. Stedman is another book that is hard to put down.  Tom Sherbourne, a war hero, returns to Australia and is the new lighthouse keeper on Janus Rock.  He takes his young wife Isabel to this island where a supply boat comes once a season and the couple receive shore leave every other year.  They are very isolated from the outside world. The first few years Isabel suffers through two miscarriages and one stillbirth.  Days after the stillbirth Isabel hears a baby crying and Tom discovers a rowboat washed onshore.  In the boat is a dead man and a crying baby wrapped in a woman's sweater.  Tom wants to report this immediately but Isabel talks him out of it.  She asks him to wait until the next day. By the next day Isabel has talked Tom into not reporting the incident.  She is sure the baby's mother has also died.  If they report the incident the baby will be put up for adoption and because of their living circumstances they would not be chosen. They decide to keep the baby and name her Lucy. Isabel truly believes this is a miracle and the baby is a gift from God. Two years later when they return to the mainland for a short stay, they realize that their decision has devastated others. Now they both have to make a decision on what to do.  This is an enjoyable book and I have to say more then once I was in tears. It is hard not to care about all the people involved.  Book clubs will enjoy this book. Whether it is a favorite or not I can guarantee clubs will have a lot to discuss.

Gone Girl

Paula Walters - Monday, October 15, 2012

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a psychological thriller about a marriage that has gone wrong.  Amy and Nick have been married for five years.  Both have lost their New York magazine jobs as journalists. They decide to move from their Brooklyn home, which Amy loves, to Nick's hometown, Carthage  Missouri.  Nick and his twin sister have bought a bar, which takes up a lot of Nick's time.  Nick's mother is dying from cancer, and the couple are also helping Amy's parents financially.  Her parents made their money from writing a children's book series, Amazing Amy, based on their daughter, or based on a fictional character that Amy thinks they wished their daughter would be.  Due to the popularity of the series Amy has a trust fund which she is now using to help her parents.  Nick and Amy are a couple that are going through a lot of changes in their life. On their fifth wedding anniversary Nick arrives home and finds the front door wide open.  In the living room there is a sign of a struggle, in the kitchen signs of blood that has been cleaned but not completely and Amy has disappeared.  As the investigation begins, even without a body people are assuming that Amy has been murdered.  In the early stages of the investigation no one believes that Nick could be guilty of the crime.  However as the investigation continues he certainly seems to be guilty, and the only person who believes in his innocence is his twin sister.  Every anniversary Amy has made up a scavenger hunt for Nick taking him all over town, and eventually at the end he will discover his anniversary present.  This year is no exception.  While the police are investigating this disappearance, Nick is following Amy's clues in her current scavenger hunt. The novel goes back and forth from Nick's day by day existence since the disappearance, to excerpts from Amy's journal. There are many twists in this novel that I did not expect.  Although I am not a reader of thrillers I did enjoy this novel and would highly recommend it.   I would like to hear from others that have read this book, especially those of you who do love thrillers.  What did you think? 

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